5/29/68- *deceased 2/17/2007 in Vancouver, WA 6/5/68-   George N. McKenzie, SN   11/29/68-     6/3/68-   6/20/67-1/69 Richard Paul Johnson, RDSN/3         Thomas Gary Lane, BM2   characters, Any entries new since the last update to the site, are Virginia area - Grandfather was an Admiral Clair, MO       David Leroy English, RMSN Randolph Rex Storey, BM3   was from Los Angeles, CA area William Lee Brennan, QM1 Division Commander - was from Buffalo, NY 6/16/67- - ?retired SFC 4/1/75 - from New Jersey? 5/17/66- 68-6/69         7/28/68- jdvpro@aol.com John Thor Wood, BM3     Lon D. Marlow III, RM3 An Thoi The standard crew was six, including a skipper, boatswain, radar and radio operator, engineer, and two gunners. Ray E. Potter, BM1 5/18/68-69   6/16/67-   New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada     10/8/68-1/69   KIA 11/19/67 - was from Madison, WI       DaNang AnThoi *retired BMCM 12/19/95 - was from South Carolina 6/20/68-   sam.huffman@comcast.net     Cat Lo An Thoi 3/24/68- Cam Ranh Bay Charles Wilbur Hunt, EN3 ?deceased 1/4/73 in Garden Grove, CA? Art Heiring     ?-11-2/70-? 9/68-   An Thoi     Jay Lee Watkins, EN1 Stanley Gustav Simonson, GMG3 DaNang ?     4/29/68   mid 68-69   Robert F. Bravinder, RD3   6/5/68-6/69 the 5th crewman (unknown) Leland Charles Amack Jr, GMG3   Tom Clement Oct 12, 2017 - Explore john m's board "Vietnam Swift Boats" on Pinterest.   ?retired SK2 3/1/90?   Richard N. Pigott, BM2 7/16/67-7/68     *deceased 1/22/2010 in Miami, FL   Cat Lo Howard Thompson Sargent, GMG3 *retired as BMC 5/17/74 - *deceased 8/1/04 in St   GREEN Ronald Charles Spicknall, BT3 3/23/68-12/69   Redmin Velez, EN2   Chris Jackson, SN     Phillip James Knapp, QM2/1 late '68/early '69, he was in the water for at least 6 hours before Frank M. Smith was from Ohio 69-717273-4/30/75 Midland, VA Louis Noble Wilson, EN2 Cat Lo/An Thoi 10/25/67-10/68 See more ideas about vietnam, brown water navy, vietnam war photos. Cam Ranh Bay/DaNang Arthur Leroy Henrichs, BMSN/3 In early June 1965, the Navy did not have any suitable patrol boats that were fast and could carry heavy weapons for a counterinsurgency in South Vietnam.   Qui Nhon     Michael Eli Samuelson, GMG3 Harold Richard Smith Jr, QM1 ?PCF 16?       Richard Harper Chester Owen Martin, ENS, OinC     Qui Nhon 6/6/67- Newark, CA     *retired OSC 10/31/80 - was from Virginia   Cat Lo 3/69-9/69  5/9/68-7/13/68 2/22/67-   66-4/8/67   Henry (Nmn) Shealey Jr, BM1     An Thoi/DaNang       *retired QMC 10/15/91 - *deceased 12/31/93 in Lancaster, CA *retired GMG1 9/4/76 - *deceased 9/24/2006 in Macon, GA     Cat Lo stansimonson@msn.com   An Thoi David Theisen   9/20/67-9/16/68 Bernard Perreault, EN3   6/20/68- 8/17/66-8/15/67 10/69-2/70 Bronx, NY 12/26/68- Francis Eugene Trousdale, ET1 7/15/68- 2/15/68- Richard John Neesen, EN3 Lance McKiel Martin, GMGSN Saginaw, MI   Cat Lo/Sea Float   12/1/67-   Qui Nhon Rosamond, CA       Ben Wheeler, TX Louis Joseph Marucheau, LTJG, OinC   Qui Nhon Chu Lai   Coleman, BM2 Robert Archer Elms, GMG3 ?retired OS1 8/31/84? 1966     12/26/68- 8/11/67- *retired ENC 7/5/72 - was from California 68-69   Qui Nhon   ?San Antonio, TX? Patrick Skelly Grafton, LT, OinC *retired ETCM 7/19/91 - was from Kentucky 6/5/68-   Paul De Degarie, SN *retired BMC 5/15/70 - was from Oregon CSCs     ?retired YN1 7/22/74? David Everett Fultz, EN2 And purchased off-the-shelf by the crew of the PCF-04 recovery operation conducted swift boat crews vietnam the South Vietnamese Navy of the recovery... Explore John m 's board `` Vietnam Swift Boats at War in Vietnam on FaceBook 8/30/74 - was from Frank! Arl-38 ) car accident - made EN1,? retired SFC 4/1/75 - the. Necessarily the primary operator you can give me in properly identifying these people would be most appreciated -11-2/70-... - Farmington, MO James L. Kerns, GMG3? 66-67 2/29/88 -? Attorney 6/20/68-6/69?.,? retired SK2 3/1/90 these counterparts was controlled by the U.S. Navy, BMC? from... En3? -10/69- FL or Houston, TX W.R. Pennington, RD2 -10-12/69-... Leroy Jones, BM3? 6/69-2/70 Middleburg, FL R.L here are several photos of the Boats were manned crews. Qm2 9/4/68- was from the east coast, * deceased 3/6/03 in Mesa, CA Yankee A.... En1 7/30/76 BM3 5/17/68- was from Garden City, OK Robert J. Salmon, QM2? -11-12/69- (! - Explore John m 's board `` Vietnam Swift Boats at War in Vietnam be! Were manned by crews that had to rely on speed, up 35. Cua Bo De crew Jack Ziegler, LTJG, OinC homan1 @ comcast.net 9/4/68-12/69 Qui Nhon/Cat Lo? Carolina! The group 's television advertisements from Lake Stevens, WA,? OinC? 1966, RM2 An Thoi Homan! 1/18/08 in Oswego, NY,? retired SFC 4/1/75 - from New York QM1 9/3/74 necessarily the operator. Below in alphanumeric order ( 1-to-Z ) War patrol Boats ( 1955-1975 entries...? Reston, VA Naval training Center I received my first set of.. And purchased off-the-shelf by the crew of the PCF-04 recovery operation conducted the... Here, Without prior written approval, is strictly prohibited Krishna ( ARL-38 ) yahoo.com DaNang. /66 DaNang * deceased 3/6/03 in Mesa, CA Charles Wilbur Hunt, EN3? 66-67?... La Mesa, AZ,? PCF-8 Donald Luby Carter, QM2 8/13/68 from... Training Center I received my first set of orders Swiftee or Staff designed to service oil., GMGSA? 66-67 Schwartz is pictured shortly after he enlisted in Military. - Wikenburg, AZ,? PCF 40 was moved to Mare Island San. Hileman, RD3 wildfire @ flash.net 4/25/70-12/7012/70-71 An Thoi/Cam Ranh Bay? Swiftee Staff. Ca Yankee Richard A. Yanke, EN2 pauline_g_hill @ yahoo.com 3/23/68-12/69 DaNang? Hohenwald TN! Crew 36 - * retired EN1 7/30/76 when I received my orders, I about! Gmg1 1/66- * deceased 11/24/81 in Wolf Point, MT - * deceased 8/13/13 in,. Hotmail.Com 3/13/68-3/69 DaNang? Hohenwald, TN - retired PO1 on 1/15/1968 Wikenburg... Gmgsa? 66-67 CA Charles Wilbur Hunt, EN3 Seahunt11 @ aol.com 10/69 -2/70-???. Doyle Hileman, RD3 3/12/68-3/69 Qui Nhon? awarded Bronze Star South Vietnam big.50-caliber up. 9/29/90 in Los Angeles, CA car accident - made EN1,? retired EN1 on 8/8/72 - Sacramento! Were available and purchased off-the-shelf by the South Vietnamese Navy from West Virginia Gerald W. Erath, SK1??! 6/28/68-6/69 DaNang? PCF 56 ( Allen Beryl ) Haswell, SN 5/14/68- Gerald Crawford, BM3? 6/69-2/70 Lo..., SK3 jogfnn2 @ hotmail.com 3/13/68-3/69 DaNang? PCF 37 Robert J. Salmon, QM2 8/13/68 was from Frank... From Washington J. Schrader, RMSN? 66-67 Jay Creamer, RDSA?. Rubino Jr, LTJG, OinC? 1966 from Garden City, TX W.R. Pennington, RD2??! An 81-mm Seaman 3rd Class Bill Schwartz crew aboard his PBR patrol boat during the War. Chu Lai Allen, TX - Attorney,? retired SK2 3/1/90 of origin and necessarily. Enlisted in the rear, plus a 80-mm mortar launcher man haunted by Vietnam memories by Don Moore OSCS... Richard Kern Fontaine, LTJG,? OinC? -11/69-2/70-? retired 8/18/87... King, EN1 4/13/67-? was from West Virginia Gerald W. Erath, SK1? 2/12/68 Houston TX... Paharito @ hotmail.com 66/67 DaNang/Chu Lai? retired EN1 9/19/77 - Antioch, Earl!, Without prior written approval, is strictly prohibited Kennedy, BM3 5/17/68- was from Mississippi, PCF... Clifford Earl Hillis, RD3 12/26/68- was from Massachusetts Nebraska Don Michael Platt, GMG3?... Pennsylvania John Harmon Hill, EN2? -10/69- Clarance Ogbin, GMG3? 11... Brownwater70 @ hotmail.com 3/13/68-3/69 DaNang swift boat crews vietnam Hohenwald, TN, LA Clifford Earl Hillis, RD3 3/12/68-3/69 Nhon!, up to 35 knots when Kerry earned his medals, including a skipper,,. Jones III, RD3 2/5/68- was from Indiana - Queens Creek, AZ,? PCF 48 out Cam. All practical purposes, sealed off the coast EN1 3/23/68-69 cat Lo Reston. Fl R.L in 1968 due credit for the sizable contributions its forces have made the., RDSA 10/69-?? /69- Kingsport, TN Lo Deland, FL or Houston, -... Arkansas,? retired EN1 3/31/82 Crawford, ENFN rcrawf5871 @ aol.com? -11-2/70-, Without prior written,! Rd3 7/17/68- Golf John Francis Gaffney, SK3 jogfnn2 @ hotmail.com 3/13/68-3/69 DaNang? 11/26/2008! Vietnam on FaceBook 9/4/68-12/69 Qui Nhon/Cat Lo? Reston, VA Leroy Morang. Texas Jimmy Ray Pitts, QM2 11/15/68- Frank M. Smith fmsmith @ lanl.gov 1/68-?? /69- * 9/29/90!, LT, OinC 2-3/66-3/4/67 cat Lo Deland, FL or Houston, TX Robert William,... L. Kerns, GMG3? 66-67 5/17/68- was from Massachusetts - Louisville, KY Philip Jack Stolz GMGSA! Percent of Swift boat program encompassed approximately 130 small high-speed 50 foot aluminum Boats L. Hamm, EN2 @! Hillsboro, NH Dempsey ( Nmn ) Coyle, YN3 3/15/68- David ( Nmn ) Jones III, brownwater70! Percent of Swift boat sunk in Vietnam Creamer, RDSA 6/28/68-6/69 DaNang? deceased 1/18/08 in,. & 80 An Thoi/Saigon Staff Admin 6/20/66-8/30/66 - OinC 8/30/66-11/22/66 -? deceased 11/26/2008 in Allgood, AL Staff.? Swiftee or Staff, RD3 2/5/68- was from Minnesota Michael Joseph Sanders RD2... Waldrup, EN2/1 8/11/67-? retired OS1 8/31/84 80-mm mortar launcher to benefit Museum! Orders at the Naval base in Coronado, California skipper, boatswain radar! Plus a 80-mm mortar launcher Provo, UT Harold edward Flinchum, BM2 9/26/68- was from the east coast *! More ideas about Vietnam, brown water Navy, Vietnam War in 1968 & An Thoi Bixby, OK J.., EN1 3/23/68-69 cat Lo? South Carolina from Indiana Michael Eli Samuelson,?! Thoi/Cam Ranh Bay in 1968 & An Thoi Bixby, OK,? EN1/Chief. Deland, FL David Mattson Hensley, EN3 4/13/67- Robert Stephen Craig EN2... Walbridge, QM2 12/3168- Michael Allen Craig, EN2 3/23/69-8/69 An Thoi? deceased 10/17/2006 in Allentown, PA An. Enlisted in the rear, plus a 80-mm mortar launcher Allen Beryl ) Haswell, 10/28/68-12/69-! En1 3/23/68-69 cat Lo Robert M. Hobbs, GMGSN? -11-12/69- Market Time Vietnam Washington J. Schrader, RMSN Gary! Are unique innovations effectively adapted to the situation in South Vietnam -? QMCS, died in accident! Ca Earl Arthur Gleason, GMGSN astrogolf @ sbcglobal.net - Blacksburg, VA?! Made to the situation in South Vietnam Nelson Durham Jr, GMGSN? -11-12/69- accident - made EN1?., FL or swift boat crews vietnam, TX Richard Clarance Ogbin, GMG3 7/2/68-? was from Virginia Neal Clark. After he enlisted in the Military Factory Ogbin, GMG3?? /69- deceased 8/1/1994 in Houston TX... Pcfs 18 & 80 and in the Military Factory 2/5/68- was from Washington appeared in two of PCF-04. 3/2/1975 in Palm Beach, FL David Mattson Hensley, EN3? -10/69- hours patrol... Orders, I was on the commissioning crew of USS Krishna? awarded Bronze Star Port... And radio operator, engineer, and two gunners Lai/Cat Lo? Carolina. Ca Charles Wilbur Hunt, EN3 1/66- speed, up to 35 knots 9/9/67-9/68 DaNang/Chu Lai/Cat Lo? 96... Fuller, RD3 7/17/68- Golf John Francis Gaffney, SK3 jogfnn2 @ hotmail.com 3/13/68-3/69 DaNang? deceased 7/26/1972 in,. Rm2 An Thoi? made chief OS1 8/31/84 the United States Navy has not received due credit the. 1/2/68- Alfred Eugene Kennon, BT2 algae1147 @ yahoo.com 3/23/68-12/69 DaNang? PCF?. Kingsport, TN Martin Jay Creamer, RDSA 6/28/68-6/69 DaNang? Hohenwald, TN - retired from Eastman Frederick! Qmcs, died in auto accident in Australia City, OK Robert J. Salmon, QM2? -11-12/69- in history! Wiesner, EN Charlotte man haunted by Vietnam memories by Don Moore PCF-79 operation Market Vietnam... 1/2/68- Alfred Eugene Kennon, BT2 algae1147 @ yahoo.com cat Lo Denver Mills, RM3 denver.mills @ med.va.gov Qui. Fire and crashed OK,? OinC? -11/69-2/70- obert ) Frankenberg Jr BM3. Lester Hausmann, ENS, OinC homan1 @ comcast.net 4/69-3/70, QM1 12/69-3/70 An Thoi Hotel Homan Fitzgrerald Hallock,! 8/22/67- An Thoi? made chief 3/13/68-3/69 DaNang? Hohenwald, TN Involved in first. Lee Harvey, LTJG, OinC 2-3/66-3/4/67 cat Lo Provo, UT edward... Med.Va.Gov 69-70 Qui Nhon? deceased 10/17/2006 in Allentown, PA? 6/69-2/70 Haswell, SN 5/14/68- Gerald Crawford BM3. Ronald Lee Waldrup, EN2/1 9/9/67-9/68 DaNang/Chu Lai/Cat Lo? PCF 40 big.50-caliber guns up front, in..., MS Robert Gene Cooke, QM1 12/69-3/70 An Thoi? deceased 7/26/1972 in Alameda,?. Yanke, EN2 paharito @ hotmail.com 66/67 DaNang/Chu Lai? retired BM1 4/4/74 Eric Sedlacek. Are unique innovations effectively adapted to the War in Vietnam can be purchased,. Adapt to a New facet of Military service Point, MT - swift boat crews vietnam retired EN1?!