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  • Find the best set of products to convert a given segment of shoppers into buyers

    No matter how many products your website has, most shoppers engage with, and remember, only 2-3 products from your entire catalog. EVOLVABLE breaks down your website traffic into very small segments, and intelligently places the right products in front of your shoppers.
  • Find the best Consumer Segments for a given set of Products

    EVOLVABLE uses intent scoring for very detailed set of User Actions like "Zoomed in on 3 images of this Footwear design", or "Studied the size-chart of that Top in detail", etc to optimize small-budget campaigns 3 to 5 times quicker than most prevailing methods. This allows Brands to generate 40 - 100% more revenue for each dollar spent on advertising.

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We know first hand the pain independent webstores go through when starting their business. And we want to take that away from you. Forever.

We believe brand teams need to focus on what they do best - creating wonderful products for their customers. And leave the marketing of those products and finding of those customers to us.

Why Us? Because we’ve done it before. For our clients. And also, when we were the clients ourselves.

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